Scardy Cat goes for a walk

It was a beautiful day, and Scardy Cat decided it was time to get over her fear and finally take a walk on the Coastal Rail Trail from Salisbury to Newburyport.

The sun was shining, birds were singing, flowers were blooming. Nature isn't so bad--not a single terrifying wild animal jumped out and said "Boo!" Why had she wasted so much time being afraid of that? What else might she be missing?

Scardy Cat was filled with joy that she was able to walk the whole trail, all by herself, and couldn't wait to do it all over again!

Display at the Library!

We have a lovely display case at the library, so popular there's up to a year or more on the waiting list. Finally, the month of June was here--my turn!

It just so happened, June is also Friends of the Library month. A huge information and sign-up table is set up directly in front of the display case for the entire month. Now, I can't be upset with the Friends--they do a lot of good for our library--but, I was a touch disappointed. So (silver lining) this is going to help fuel my sense of humor and sense of humility.

Update: there may be another opening in March--which happens to be National Crochet Month! So, I may have a second chance to show off. It's not often we get a second chance at anything.

On the road in Beverly, Massachusetts: Yarns in the Farms

I discovered a charming yarn shop in Beverly:
Yarns in the Farms 

Inside, was a happy friendly staff, and quite a few interesting samples knit up, notably some interesting skirts. I found some lovely novelty yarns for a project I'm working on. Outside there's a tented picnic table for knitting or crocheting al fresco. Very inviting!

If you are in the mood for a treat, across the street is an old-fashioned ice cream stand, Captain Dusty's. I had originally come to Beverly to go to the Art Supply Wholesale, an amazing warehouse packed full of art supplies of every kind in another part of town--you must check it out!--but, of course, had to check out any yarn shops in the area.

Arm Candy Bracelet

See my Arm Candy Bracelet in the summer 2015 issue of Interweave Crochet. Show off your crocheting in the summer! (Photograph courtesy of Interweave Crochet/Harper Point Photography)

This issue also has a lot of wedding related crochet, all quite beautiful--makes me wish I could get married all over again. To the same wonderful man, of course--Happy 21st Anniversary, Peter, my sweetheart!

The first amigurumi pattern in America!

Okay, I've been researching this for a while, and I'm pretty sure it's true, so unless I'm challenged:

While amigurumi* were popular in Japan for a little while, the very first amigurumi pattern published in English in the United States was featured in Knit.1 magazine in the fall of 2006, designed and written by yours truly! The first and only time in my entire life when I anticipated a coming trend.

(*Amigurumi: super-cute little crocheted dolls)


"Call me a cat person..." is the first sentence in a book I am working on with amigurumi characters. The cat/narrator is afraid of dogs, and the book will illustrate how she overcomes her fears. I wanted to use humor and crochet to tell the story.

It's been a struggle, but working on this has been helping me with my severe dog phobia--yes, crochet heals! Keep posted for more amigurumi dogs and some crocheted dioramas.

Mighty Ugly!

Make It Mighty Ugly: 
Exercises & Advice for Getting Creative 
Even When It Ain't Pretty 
by Kim Piper Werner

I love this book! It's a great one to use when you are feeling stuck, feeling like this creative process is just too hard. This book helps you by encouraging you to make something as ugly as possible. I can't describe to you how liberating this is--you will just have to try it yourself!